I made these Greek lamb meatballs for dinner last night and Oh. My. Goodness.  Absolutely amazing!  My husband and I discovered Greek food a little over a year ago (I know, we must have been living under a rock), and we fell in love with it immediately.  Since then we’ve taken every opportunity available to try more Greek cuisine, but somehow we’d never had keftede until last night.  They were certainly worth the wait!  We had them last night with a Mediterranean chick pea salad (recipe will be posted soon!), but these would also be delicious as an appetizer.  These meatballs can be made with either lamb or beef, but I would highly recommend the lamb.  The flavor is just different enough to make a big difference in the overall meatball.


This is the first time I’ve ever cooked with lamb.  In fact, I don’t ever eat lamb, unless I’m eating Greek food.  I’m not ethically opposed to raising lambs for meat, but ever since I worked closely with food animals in vet school my views on meat consumption have changed quite a bit.  I’m not a vegetarian– I actually eat meat many days of the week.  But I have reduced the amount of meat I eat, in an effort to be a more responsible and respectful meat consumer.  My biggest issue with lamb in particular is that they’re so stinkin’ cute that I’d never be able to slaughter one.  And if I wouldn’t be comfortable killing the animal myself if I needed to, I’m not sure that I should be comfortable eating its meat.  I could easily end up going on a long rant about my views on meat, particularly my views on veal vs. lamb, but I’ll stop myself by saying that if you do eat lamb, you NEED to try these keftede.

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